Asset Identification

Within many industrial complexes, items such as conveyers, purpose built machinery, support and service structures comprise a major part of the total assets.

Many individual plant and equipment assets, particularly purpose built machinery items, have no formal identification such as a manufacturer's name plate or a unique serial number.

This creates problems when a specific Security Agreement debenture is required and the asset is to be recorded in the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR).

Lack of specific identification can create problems of ownership and a reluctance of a financier to place a debenture over unidentified assets.

Where existing identification exists, our labels can be used for linking individual assets to management systems by using the individual bar code or asset number.

Existing serial numbers and other details are recorded in our schedule together with the asset description.

We supply and attach an extremely durable label to each asset. Each label is unique to the asset and includes a bar code suitable for linking to total asset managment systems such as Hardcat.

Our schedule provides a specific description of each asset with the unique asset number attached. Photographic records can be supplied together with the asset schedule on CD if required. Asset Identification Services Ltd operates in conjunction with Asset Valuations Ltd throughout New Zealand and has associate offices in Australia, Fiji and Samoa and operates throughout the Pacific region.


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